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    Dark Elves 2k tournament army

    Elves Of Har-Amroth


    Lord Banazuir - The Dark Purifier - The Witchking
    -Highborn - 125-
    -Armour of The Lord (counts as HA+Shield) -9
    -Lord's Cloak (SDC) -9pts
    -The Fist Of Annihilation (Gauntlet Of Power) -60
    -The Shadow Crown (Crown Of Black iron) -35
    -Moonscar (Manticore) 190

    Really hard hitting terror causing US5 Flyer. :P.


    Atirecy - The Pleasure Slave
    -Noble - 70
    -Acrobacy - (Counts as HA, Shield, SDC) -12
    -The Venom Sword (Counts as Great Weapon) -4
    -Cursed Head of The Phoenix King (Seal Of Ghrond) -25

    Hard hitting flanker. Works with Spearmen

    Asynura - The Dark Cultist - The Demon Hand
    -Noble - 70
    -Asynura's Blood Lance - (Counts as Great weapon and Blood Armour) -24
    -Acrobacy - (Counts as Shield, SDC) -8
    - Sapphire (Dark Pegasus) 55pts

    Flies and hunts war machines and wizards. May help Harpies.

    Nagashi - The Queen - Dark Exorcist
    -Sorceress - 90
    -2x Dispel Scroll -50



    The Twisted Ones
    -20 Dark Elf Warriors - 140
    -Shields -20
    -Full Command - 25

    "Mass". Fully ranked infantry. Stop the enemy and then the chariot willmake a flank charge. Lordling is there to accept the challenges, cause, its nice, when enemy makes its all 6 wounds to only one troop. Then there'll be 19 else Hope you understand

    The Agony Ones
    -10 Dark Elf Warriors 70
    -Shields 10
    -Repeater Crossbows 40
    -Musician 5

    Shooting to the enemys weak links. Monsters without save for example.

    The Shadowed Devourers
    -5 Dark Riders -90
    -Musician 7

    Teasing, fleeing and weak target hunting


    Wheels of Pleasure
    -1 Cold One Chariot - 95
    -Spears -2
    -Driven by Atirecy - The Pleasure Slave and Zaleirico - The Driver (Zaleirico Counts as normal crew)

    [i]Atirecy's chariot For Flanking and helping the spearmen[/]

    Insane Piercers Of Witch King
    -7 Cold One Knights -203
    -Banner Of The Murder -45
    -Full Command -45

    Really hard hitting unit, with the "Surprisebanner". If enemy doesn't break in one turn, there'll be some thing in their flank.

    Nightwings Of Slaanesh
    5 Harpies -65

    [i]Hunts down War Machines and wizards. /i]


    1 Reaper Bolt Thrower -100

    Chant Touch
    1 Reaper Bolt Thrower -100

    Tear Slayer
    1 Reaper Bolt Thrower -100


    Total: 1994 pts
    Power Pool: 3
    Dispel Pool: 4 + 2 scrolls
    Models: 63

    Ok. That's it. Comments and/or critic are really welcome. I apoligize my poor english, if there's something that you don't understand, i'll try to explain.

    Give me advice, tell me Your suggestions for the list. Everything is welcome!

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