I'm kinda used to Elven armies with very few heroes. It usually isn't much of a problem, since Elves don't need heroes to get some high-fight models, neither do they need stand-fast. That's just in SBG tough.
Untill now, I've been busy playing with my Lothlórien army, which has just Haldir in 500 pts, and Celeborn and Galadriel added in 1000 pts. No further heroes, but maximised models. That's right, with maxed out bows. Opponents seem to fear it..
I guess I'll restart my Grey Havens army this summer. That one test models was an old High Elf, the new army will contain the Galadhrim instead. There is more variety in the models, they are more akin to Tolkien's description and they've go better helmets. And are fully plastic. Gotta love that.