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Thread: The Gods of Warhammer 40k.

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    I wish to open a discussion on the different gods of warhammer 40k like Khaine, Mork, Nurgle etc.
    I personally dont agree on some of the statements on certain gods being the same such as Khaine and Khorne, Cegorach and the Deciever stuff like that.
    I think that each is its own pantheon and are completely seperate entities.
    Chaos: The ruinous powers dwell in the warp and I cant see them being connected to anyone outside the warp.
    The Eldar Gods: I believe that if their gods once walked with them before Isha cut them off I imagine they lived not in the warp {so Khaine is cut off from Khorne} but a sealed off part of the material world which resembles alot like our idea of heaven {clouds and such}.
    Gork and Mork: I dont know where they come from.
    The Necrons: I completely disagree that the C'tan and Eldar Gods have any connection over than having a war with one another.
    I dont agree the laughing god is the jackal god.
    I do believe that the Machine God is the Void Dragon.
    I would like to discuss if you too dont like gods being other gods in disguise or if you agree that you like this and please give reasons why, thankyou.

    I apoligise for the quick assumption that the eldar and chaos gods are in seperate dimensions because or else how else could Slaanesh reach them.
    Not studied, just last minute
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