Hello all. I have been playing with and designing 1000 pt. wood elf armies up to this point, and I always take a branchwraith with a cluster of radiants. That gives me 4 dispel dice, which gives me a fighting change against magic at 1000 pts.

Right now I am trying to figure out what to do about magic defense at 2000 pts. My hero level wizards can only get Athel Loren lore, and they are expensive to boot, so it very quickly becomes stupid to get two or three. I will get a cluster of radiants in there somewhere, but it looks like for a large force the only real choice is a Spellweaver with the Wand of Wych Elm (re-roll dispell attempts).

However, I have some problems with the Spellweaver. First, if I get her I cannot get a proper lord choice, meaning I lose out on a Ld 10 general and other options, such as fielding a dragon or a spite-backed Treeman. This triggers another problem because other than pumped up lord choices, I really have nothing which can even put a dent in a dragon or other huge monster.

Second, she is jaw-droppingly expensive and the lores she has access to are nice, but not that nice.

Last, I am worried that even this does not really give me enough dispelling power. Say I have a level 3 spellweaver, a branchwraith with a cluster of radiants, and a level 1 spellsinger.. which is already spending a lot. That gives me 6 dice with rerolls.

Given the number of power dice people are talking about in the other thread, I am worried that I am going to get pounded in the magic phase.

Any suggestions? Also, assuming I am getting a spellweaver, what lore do you think I should choose?