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    Re: Mousekiller's Dwarven Army


    Manufacturer: Reaper Dark Heaven 02707 Odum Rumblebeard, Dwarf Wizard

    Sculptor: Jason Wiebe

    Odum Rumblebeard knelt beside the night fire, absorbing its heat against the frigid mountainous air of the Grey Mountains. He had traveled for nearly two weeks from the hold of Karak Norn to reach this remote peak, ever one for the isolation and peace of nature and the elements. As he sat, savoring the smells of roasted goat and turnips, he was suddenly assaulted by what could only be described as an explosion in his head. The pain was tremendous, causing his body to enter into a seizure. As his body struggled against convulsions, his mind was assaulted with blinding pain.

    After what seemed to be hours, the pain finally subsided. Brief flashes of images replaced the blinding light. Images of a shadowy figure, one who was the purest of evil floated before his eyes, as if in the world with him. Images of a bound chest, and a small band of Dwarfs who were charged with its safeguard. They had not a clue what they had in their possession, or the danger that surrounded them.

    Blinking his eyes to regain his connection with the world, Odum quickly gathered what few possessions he had, much of which was scattered due to his flailing. He had to find these warriors.

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