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One of the most famous regiments of dwarven folk to ever range the mountains, Bugmans Rangers have earned a place in history.

It was during the Goblin Wars that the origin of this regiment began, after a band of goblins attacked and destroyed the prosperous Bugman's Brewery. Bugman's brewery had become extremely wealthy, and in and of itself had grown to the size of a small town. The goblins were ruthless that day, destroying the brewery and most of the building as well as slaughtering the inhabitants, including Joseph Bugman's son, Bono. Most of the men folk were away, to include Joseph himself. Upon returning, they found what was left.

Joseph rounded up what forces remained, and thus Bugman's Rangers was formed. They chased the goblin horde into the badlands many years ago, and occasional adventurers reported having heard or seen the regiment from time to time. Until now. The Rangers have heard of Skarsnik's plan to call the tribes together to assault the dwarven folk. So stealthy are they, that Karal and Kalar had no idea they had entered the camp until sitting down for breakfast, and seeing young Samuel (named after his great-grandfather) Bugman and the second in command, Jorj Ruddle, seated across the fire from them.

"Well lads," Jorj said as the sat down. "It's about time that you all were awake!" He went on to explain about how they had heard of the parties problems, and just how big of a problem it was becoming! They also explained that Samuel's father, Joseph, went ahead to scout and would join them soon.