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Thread: b4z's Log - Ice Warriors of Valhalla

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    b4z's Log - Ice Warriors of Valhalla

    Log Start : 1st July 2009



    Three years of University are over and I have graduated, so now my project log can finally begin.

    It will be specifically dedicated to everything ‘Ice Warriors of Valhalla’.

    The plan is to theorise, theme, prepare, convert/customise/magnetise, paint and base an entire Valhallan Army over the coming months!

    I own 150+ infantry models and 20+ armour models. I bought half of these models when I was very young, about 11 years old, and the Ice Warriors of Valhalla models at that time were just newly released (1994/1995!).

    I fell in love with their look... now over 14/15 years later I shall reignite that passion both for the Valhallans, the Imperial Guard, Warhammer 40,000 and the Games Workshop hobby... and I invite you to follow!





    Influential/Inspirational Imagery

    GW Artwork:

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