Afternoon all,

Being as the 'Clave is down, I thought I'd start a thread here about my latest character - she's a Tech-Priest working for Magos-Explorator Vaal Kryzak (but will often be used as the leader of the warband in place of Kryzak). The model is loosely based on John Blanche's sketch of Koriel Zeth in the Visions books and is converted from the Daemonhuntress model. Originally she was going to be armed with an Inferno Pistol, but I decided I wanted her to be the close-combat character of the group and decided to give her a Sollex-Aegis Energy Blade instead (as featured in The Inquisitor's Handbook for Dark Heresy).

Front view
Back view

The Sollex-Aegis Energy Blade is described as having a blade of coherent high-energy plasma that materialises from the hilt as a blazing, roaring column of blue-white fire. Below you can see my prototype built from a green lightsaber. Comments are appreciated as to whether people think it adequately represents the energy blade, or suggestions for how it can be improved or done differently. If I do decide to go down this route, the actual model with be made from a blue lightsaber with the wire painted electric blue & white.
WIP energy Blade

As I've never played Dark Heresy, I'd also appreciate people's opinions as to how to translate rules for the Sollex-Aegis Energy Blade to Inquisitor. One question I had is in Dark Heresy, as well as having the 'Power Field' attribute which means it can break weapons that do not have it, the energy blade rules talk about it destroying weapons but don't mention an exception for ones that have the 'Power Field' attribute, so does this mean the energy blade can break those weapons too? One forum I looked at seemed to think so, but I'd appreciate a second opinion.

Other rules such as the wielder's strength bonus not being applied to the damage roll, characters not being able to be stealthy while it is activated and it needing fuel from a plasma cannister are easy enough to translate to Inquisitor. As for the rule about the blade slipping and a hit being worked out against the wielder, I figure this could be on a 96-100 when rolling to hit or parry. I figure Reach and Parry Penalty should be comparable with a power sword, but I'm not sure what damage it should have - in Dark Heresy it does slightly more damage (1D10+6 vs 1D10+5) and is slightly better at penetrating armour than a normal power sword (Pen. 7 vs 6).

As for the character herself, I'm thinking a couple of skills like Deflect Shot and Dodge She'll have plenty of bionics, a few gizmos to increase her awareness (the skulls floating around her head), and maybe an electro-graft increasing her WS. As for weapons, I want them to be fairly low-key compared to the energy blade, so perhaps a digi-laspistol built into her left hand and perhaps some sort of stun gun on her left-hand mechadendrite.

Comments and suggestions gratefully received.

- Dave