Hello All,

I’m a newbie to Warseer & well forums in general (previously ive tried to avoid forums). But after reading through these terrain logs (and mercilessly stealing ideas!) I felt that it was time to give something back to the community. So please bear with my slowness of updates and obvious lack of knowledge when it comes to how forums work.

And now onto the meat of this thread:

Next year the Student National Wargaming & Roleplaying Championships will be hosted at Heriot Watt University & yours truly has volunteered to source or construct enough boards & terrain to allow this tournament to run.
I’m also on the “Nationals Organisers Committee” but that’s mostly a series of boring meetings so not worth mentioning!

“What are the Nationals anyway?” I hear you asking:

The Nationals is a gaming event consisting of gaming societies from universities around the British Isles each sending a team to take part. Each team member selects a category to compete in over the course of the weekend. The overall groupings include Roleplaying, Wargaming, Card Gaming and Board Gaming. The team winning the event overall is traditionally given the responsibility of hosting the following year’s championship.

It is a non-profit event, with all money raised (bar the costs of hosting it) going to a charity of the hosts choosing.

The 2010 event is being organised by Watt Gamers (Heriot-Watt’s Gaming Society) and will take place between Friday 23rd and Sunday 25th April in Edinburgh, Scotland.

My plan with this thread is to outline the estimated requirements of the Nationals wargaming section. Then post tutorials showing how I (and have in the past) build GCN club grade wargaming boards & terrain. I hope that these will be informative and help others with there terrain projects in the future.

I’ll post my first tutorial & batch of pictures this evening. Fantasy Hills 101!

Edinburgh League of Gamers, Caretaker
Student Nationals 2010, Wargames Co-ordinator

Note to experienced modellers: Please don’t be insulted by my talk of “tutorials” I am just trying to walk less experienced people through how I work stage by stage. So no slight intended!