pre-thread disclaimer:
Okay folks. This is an opinion thread. That means things that are discussed in here will not necessarily be pure canon. In all honesty, this is really more from a literary standpoint than it is from an in-universe fluff standpoint.

When I started playing Warhammer (not too long ago, mind you. I'm not Rogue Trader Veteran like some of the gents on here. Not old enough Actually around the time 3rd Edition was released) I gobbled up fluff like nobody's business. And in the early stages, I formed this image of who the Emperor was, and it fixed in my head. He was quite the dude during his time. By far the greatest man to have ever lived in the Galaxy. He was a leader like no other, the finest tactician, the most brilliant orator, the genius in all things scientific, practical, and theoretical, and one of, if not the, most powerful psychic beings to boot. But in spite of all this, he was a human being. Not some ancient warp spawned entity of incalculable power and device, not some god given mortal form.

He was a human being.

Through his natural born talents, lifetime of study and practice, and creativity and a bit of luck, he set about his great task of making Humanity the dominant race of the galaxy, and damn near accomplished it too. He dragged his species out of the darkness of the age and brought about centuries of enlightenment and expansion. He was the epitome of what humanity could accomplish, through ambition and drive. The very definition of self-made success.

Now, the further I delved into fluff, the more I found out how wrong I was about all this. No, he 'no mere man'. He was some ancient being, spawned from the collected souls of shamans (what the hell..?) and was responsible essentially for everything amazing that humanity had accomplished. He was not the next in the line of great men like DaVinci, Einstein, Gandhi. He wasDaVinci, Einstein, and Gandhi[/i] (or at least, responsible for all their ideas and ideals. Heaven forbid we let that stay attributed to their own individual genius...). He was, instead of a man who accomplished godhood through his feats, a god who dallied in manhood. Indeed, he even started having absurd things like 'ineffable plans' and all that nonsense.

All this spoiled things a bit for me. Because I liked the Emperor as a man. The greatest man to have ever lived, true, but a man no less. It made all of his accomplishments seem all that much more spectacular, and all of his failings seem that much more understandable. Of course he was arrogant, prideful, and nearsighted as well as all of his positive things. He was only human.

I dunno, it seems to me like this has made the character of the Emperor so much more shallow and uninteresting. Instead of being a mortal struggling in a cold, uncaring galaxy full of Lovecraftian entities were either malicious or neutral towards him, he's become just another god in a galaxy full of gods all in one giant contest to see who's plans are the most ineffable. Boring, I say! Next they'll be telling us that the Emperor had planned the Horus Heresy all along, (Not entirely implausible, after that bit of crap squeezed out in Mechanicus about him being responsible for the Adeptus Mechanicus and setting up Mars for his future reception as the Omnissiah. Seriously...?).

Anyway, I was just wondering what you all thought of this, whether I was the only one who got this impression/felt this way or if there are some other folks out there who agree with me.