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Thread: My own little corner of Mordheim...

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    My own little corner of Mordheim...

    It's the summer vacation, the weather is a bit dodgy, so what do you do... Build a Mordheim board, complete with structures, thats what!

    EDIT: First paint op page 13!!!

    EDIT: Project is progressing nicely = Pic heavy On page 7 pics of a semi finished city...

    EDIT: I added some pictures and info on my warband: Liebert's Looters

    Quite recently my gaming group (well, group, me and three mates) decided to get into Mordheim. As I am the one with the gaming facilities, they selected me to build the terrain needed for the game (I know, it's a burden ).

    Last week I started with this building, a simple store house, made with plasticard and balsa wood. The desing is kept simple, with gaming first in mind.

    I still need to add the floors and rough up the plasticard with some textured paint. Please let me know what you think.

    Building two and three are already under construction... I hope to post some pictures of them soon.

    C&C as welcome as always!
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