A thread cataloguing sprues from 40k and Fantasy that are useful for Necromunda would be a real resource for people just starting.

Catachans are the obvious choice for a lot of gangs, however rather then (or in addition) just buying the normal squad box I get a lot of use out the Catachan command sprue.


You can only make five complete guys with it, but it comes with body parts for a lot more.

The bits it comes with are incredibly useful. A bunch of lasguns, including a lasgun with a folding stock. ALL of the special weapons, grenade launcher, meltagun, flamer, heavy flamer (which provides a great base for converting a heavy stubber), sniper rifle and plasmagun. TONS of kit bags, ammo pouches, canteens, etc. And, the rarest of bits, a HUMAN sized powerfist.

The figures are suitably dramatic and individual for Necromunda.

I'd like to hear how everyone else converts Necro figs.