You all know the current goblin and nightgoblin miniatures, and I guess most of you have faced them. They all have their spears and shields, and to get them to fit in a regimental formation on their bases, you can't alter their pose very much. So what you get is a rank and file unit of goblins. Now look at what you got!

And I guess most of you know the picture of those thousands of nightgoblins pouring out of a number of caves in a little valley, their various weapons/sticks/pseudoweapons raised in every direction, stone trolls and fanatics amidst all the others. That is what you would imagine a green horde to be!

Now compare these two images of a unit of goblins. Something must have gone wrong!

So what do you think, would you convert your models, if yes how, and if you faced a unit converted to look more like those in the picture, would you care if someone let them count as having spears? Fluffwise the attacks from the second rank would be explained by the mass of little goblins, pushing, bitting and slashing with their pointy sticks from all directions.