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    'Nid Codex Review

    Not much rules in here, if thats what you're after see the rumour thread!

    The front cover has been available to view on the net for a while now. Its Alex Boyds' re-working of the T-Rex vs. Bus from "The Lost World" but this time with 'Nid vs Rhino.

    Of note is Andy Chambers as a principle Author Credit...Goes to show how far in advance GW was working on this. The intro and why collect 'nids section is standard. Then we move on to the background and historyy section. I was quite disappointed with large sections of this being cut & pasted (Or very slightly re-worked) from the last codex and even the 2nd ed codex. Much of the text on Behemoth and Kracken is exact cut & paste or very familiar but once we get to new stuff its good high quality GW backstory. I dont want to ruin it by trying to re-tell any of it myself but reading the "Lost Hive Fleets", "The Hydra Effect" and other bits in that section really brings home the feel of the 'nids. Also the short stories are mostly excelent, as per usual these days I'm pleased to say.

    The Army Special Rules are next and all are well presented and easy to follow except the biovore rules which I'm still involved in arguments over whether you get 3 or 9 templates from 3 biovores. The Changes to the bio weapons are mostly good, they make much more sense now, as do some of the close combat symbiotes (Though personally I dont like the boneswords rules or the idea of crushing claws). The dimise of the BS4 warp Blast on the tyrant is a shame but no big problem and the expanded hive power list is really cool.

    The 2 pages of Biomorphs reminded me of the 2nd ed codex. Its a bit wierd that they didn't decide to reduce the T and W of the Tyrant and give it the options to increase them back up but no big loss. Tyrant Guard can still not have 2+ saves. A nice addition here was the "Common name" for the Tyrant: Overfiend -Homage to Andy C?
    The rest of the army list is good, new stuff is cool! The only problem I found was that I'm not sure if the Genestealers have to have the same options or not (It specifically says for gaunts, rippers, hormagaunts but not for stealers and the stealer sprue hasn't got enough bits to give all the stealers most options (Eg the heads)
    Also Gargoyles now have no options so all those people who used to have morphed winged gaunts with devourers, scything talons or whatever now have useless models.
    Also the 'fex entry takes up 2 whole pages which is cool. It does have the most options in the codex.

    This is my pet hate though. GW did it with the marine codex and screwed up again. The Summary needs to be on the last page so its easy to find.
    Having it somewhere in the middle is no real use when you need to know how many wounds a lictor has in a hurry (Changed in new dex you see).

    the whole colour section is good and I particularly liked the many colour scemes with gaunts painted for each and Victoria Lambs' Lictor in the showcase (Just a shame they didn't swap pages with the summary...)

    This is an excelent codex, easily on par with the marine codex and if its a good indicator of things to come, I'll gladly buy all the upcoming codexes.
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