Ok. So in an attempt to procrastinate a little bit from my tau & squat armies i've decided i need a large project that will take up what little free time i have when im not working on the house.

The obvious choice is a emperor titan. Well maybe its not that obvious. It wasn't to Orion (theEaterofSmallthings) when i first told him. Basically its the next step. Of the 6 or 7 biggest models (mass wise) currently put out by GW or FW between the 2 of use we have scratchbuilding probably 5 of them (Manta - Thunderhawk - Reaver Titan - 2x Warhound Titans - 3x Baneblades). The Tyranid Biotitan & Ork Stompa are probably on that list as well. The eater also just finished scratchbuilding 3 really awesome bastions for planetstrike.

So ive convenced the Orion that we need Emperor titans. 2 of them. 1 imperial and 1 chaos (or other). Current suggestions are Nurgle, other chaos or Genestealer cult. I think the genestealer cult emperor titan is both funny, awesome and weird all at the same time. But i think i am like nurgle the best. It doesn't really matter cause i think i am imperial and he is "other".

Current idea is we get started making plans and 3D models right away.
Saturday building starts. Sometime in Jan when the mega apoc game is going down in ohio we will have 2 of the biggest models ever facing off.