After feeling inspired looking at IS-2's and T-10's in Minsk, I decided to branch out and start a project on a modern Soviet armour project. Working on a cold war project was a really nice change and allowed me to try modelling totally new styles of armour and wargear. I also decided to scale up and try a 1:35 scale project.

The scene will show a T-55A and Soviet Motor Rifle Troops on patrol, the main part of the scene will be the excellent Tamiya 1:35 scale T-55A:

This really is a fantastic kit and a real joy to put together. Tamiya out did themselves with this kit, the level of detail is fantastic and the build goes together like a dream.

Once again I'll be using Osprey's excellent modelling guides, as reference:

As well as numerous magazine articles and web sources.

I'll also be using photo etch and some resin crew figures from nemrod:

I'm also waiting on some tracks from Japanese firm Modelkasten, and some resin full interior detail kits from CMK (Czech Masters Kits). Since these are all on mail order from Sprue Brothers in the USA I'll be starting what parts of the build I can without them for now. Luckily CMK provide full instructions for their kits online so I have been able to read these and see what areas of the Tamiya kit that don't require surgery or modification.

Starting the build:

The CMK instructions told me that it was safe to start work on the lower hull and wheels without the resin upgrade parts.

The lower Hull - the detail on the part is great. It's a shame that the underside won't be visible!