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    Ultramarines (Epic)

    This is going to be a small project I think, something that will occupy bits of time when the current W40K Ork army just isn't doing it and for when i see something good and cheap on e-bay or where ever as I do not intend spending a fortune. (I've said that before though.)

    A couple of years ago I did a Ultramarines force lost in the warp for thousand of years coming back knowing nothing of the HH. It got very big though very quickly. Anyway I wanted to do something in EPIC scale and liked the old Chaos minatures so thought i'd go for the same theme.

    Afterall is said and done, what is wrong with blue chaos space marines?

    So I started by getting some cheap plastic Rhinos and Landraiders and added spikes from the Chaos spikey bit sprue.

    I also managed to get a couple of Chaos Engines including a Tower of Skulls, and a Cauldron of Blue. Another ones as well, but although I looked it up just now the name has escaped me. I have another to paint so will look it up again. Unfortunately the Cauldron of Blue had lost its front spikey bit so I had to cut a bit of plastic card to go there.

    I also got a box of the Chaos infantry from GW and have started on a few stands. I've done three normal marine ones so far and some Ultra Blue Beserkers.

    Also on the go at the moment in between the 40K Orks is the army HQ, one of the old EPIC Blue Thirsters. I'll post hime once he is done.
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