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Thread: RC's Imperial Log: Ultrahawks, Legio Astorum and the Cadian 957th Brigade

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    RC's Imperial Log: Ultrahawks, Legio Astorum and the Cadian 957th Brigade

    This log was originally started as an entry into the Tale of 40k Gamers '09-'10, but unfortunately thanks to a combination of just having bitten off more than I could chew and a move of house, I hadn't been able to make the kind of progress needed to keep up.

    But even though I'm no-longer actively participating in the tale, I'm still making some slow progress here and there, and I'm always interested in feedback on what I do. So the objective is to clear a backlog of unpainted minis, which at the last count in Sept '09 was 5250ish points. So let's do a quick recap. My armies are:

    The Legio Astorum
    Also known as the Warp Runners Titan Legion, and currently at a strength of two titans in my forces, Bellator Obscuris (Warrior of Darkness in the low gothic) an ancient and mighty reaver titan, and Viator Noctis (Messenger of Night), a cunning and deadly warhound. Though I haven't yet fully painted either of them yet, I haven't been able to resist fielding them a couple of times. Viator Noctis has never failed to distinguish itself, whilst Bellator Obscuris is literally undefeated. I really want to make progress on them, but being held up by a lack of airbrush compressor.

    The Ultrahawks Chapter
    Currently consisting of a full 2nd company and 1/4 first company with minor armoured support. Their heraldry is ultramarines blue with a black left shoulderpad and right leg, reversed in terminators. Their symbol is the wing, similar to that of the Dark Angels. They are a 2nd founding chapter of the Ultramarines. The homeworld they chose during the 2nd founding was destroyed by the Archenemy in the continuing strife following the Emperor's ascension to the golden throne, and they've been a spaceborne chapter ever since. Melierax, a venerable and massive battlebarge from the dark age of technology has become the chapter's mobile fortress, and it is accompanied by the lesser battle barges Ventralis and Castanillius. The battle barge Collaris was lost with much of the 4th and 5th companies in M36 after it was caught alone by a Dark Eldar ambush, and since then the chapter has been reluctant to make itself vulnerable by dividing its forces, instead commiting the entire chapter to individual warzones.

    Critics of this policy point out that this could lead to the annihilation of the chapter in a single disasterous engagement, and that many more Imperial worlds could benefit if the chapter engaged multiple threats simultaneously, but these concerns are mostly forgotten as the chapter acts as the mighty speartip of Imperial army groups, ripping the heart from enemy formations and crushing fortified positions that would otherwise take years to siege. Unlike other chapters, the Ultrahawks are not at all insular, and are happy to work closely with other Imperial organisations. Melierax is even volunteered as a frontline base, and is rarely without several regiments of Imperial Guard on board in addition to its marine complement.

    The Cadian 957th Brigade
    The Cadian 957th Brigade is a formation made up of the Cadian 957th Light Mechanised Regiment, and supporting battalions from the Cadian 4th Armoured, and the 1082nd Artillery as well as smaller companies from other units.

    This army is one I've been trying to get going for a while now. I've painted about 80 guardsmen, a Leman Russ and a Hellhound, and still don't have a usable 1000pt list! Basically I don't have enough heavy/specials done yet, whilst last year's codex has made me have to rethink my sergeants as well, and I just haven't got around to sorting it all out yet. Also, being a light mechanised regiment (where all the veterans and command squads are mechanised), you'd have thought I'd have a chimera somewhere. Also, not terribly impressed that my one Russ has had its turret rendered obsolete so quickly after being painted! I'll try and get a new one off a bits/sprue service once they become available.

    The Cadian 957th Brigade is just one of the many hundreds of formations that have served aboard the Melierax in the 10,000 years since the Heresy, but they quickly found themselves absorbed into the unique culture of the chapter fortress. Though the 957th and other formations are but guests aboard the Ultrahawks' fortress and under the command of a Lord General, the Ultrahawks tendency to go where their guests are ordered has lead to an extremely close working relationship between the chapter and some of those units, the 957th in particular - they fight alongside the marines in close support, making good and securing the Ultrahawks advances, and it is almost entirely down to the support of 957th that the Ultrahawks have been saved from being surrounded and overwhelmed on many occasions - and in practice the Lord General tends to make Melierax his base anyway.

    Because the Ultrahawks lack a homeworld, they recruit directly from the guard regiments they fight alongside. Though many other chapters would deem a mature guardsman too old to become an initiate, the Ultrahawks found that they had few other options, and the chapter apothecaries did eventually manage to get the success rate up to a level comparible to other chapters at the expense of several minor implants, and the guardsman must still be younger than 24 when selected.

    To be inducted into the Ultrahawks in considered the greatest honour a member of the 957th can receive, and the brigade takes tremendous pride in fighting alongside their former members.


    Space Marines:
    5 space marine commanders.
    5 veterans (4 vanguard, 1 sternguard)
    9 marines to redo (old command squad)
    1 Attack Bike
    4 Devastators with multimeltas.

    (roughly 900pts)

    Imperial Guard:
    10 guardsmen with vox.
    9 Sgts w chainsword + Laspistol (or other upgrades)
    1 Guardsman w Plasmagun
    1 Guardsman w Meltagun
    1 Guardsman w Flamer
    9 Specials as yet unbuilt
    3 Weapons Team w Heavy Bolter
    3 Weapons Team w Autocannon
    2 Weapons Team w Mortar
    1 Further Weapons Team as yet unbuilt
    1 Leman Russ
    1 Hellhound (Graia pattern)

    1 Sentinel (Scout or Armoured)
    22 Rough Riders.
    (roughly 1150pts)

    Imperial Navy Space Fleet:
    1 Lunar Cruiser
    3 Swords
    4 Starhawk Bomber Stands
    4 Fury Fighter Stands
    (roughly 300pts)

    Imperial Navy Airforce:
    1 Lightning Fighter
    1 Marauder Destroyer Bomber
    (roughly 700pts)

    Adeptus Mechanicus Legio Astorum Titan Legion:
    1 Warhound Titan Viator Noctis
    1 Reaver Titan Bellator Obscuri

    (roughly 2200pts)

    Orange means I'm working on it.
    Green means it's done.
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    Legio Astorum, Ultrahawks Chapter and the Cadian 957th Brigade

    MOST RECENT PROJECT: Repurposing a squad of 4th ed HQ Veteran Marines
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