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    ok just thought id get this thread started so all my freinds can join and post up their character sheets im quickly writing this before i search for mien hehe ^_^

    Besaid Auron -callidus assasin- (slight changes, but she's from the thorian sourcebook)

    WS BS S T I WP SG NV LD Speed
    86 90 66 62 93 98 96 90 35 9

    Weapon type range firing mode accuracy damage shots reload weight
    knife knife E single -10 D10 - - 15

    neural pistol (20) flame - X 5 X 25

    b-fire gren. E 2" blast -10 D10 2 - 8

    grenade gren. E 2" blast -10 - 7 - 12

    Weapon reach damage parry penalty
    c'tan phase 2 4D6 -20%

    Mesh armour, closed helmet, displacer field, bloodfire grenades x 3, choke grenades x 2

    Special abilities and psychic powers
    hyperpolymorphine, acrobatic, blademaster, catfall, deflect shot, dodge, heroic, lightning reflexes, nerves of steel, ambidextrous

    post spot saved for images of assasin, all WiP's :3

    post spot saved for inquisi mathias

    post spot saved for images of mathias, and WiP's :3

    post spot saved for farseer haurŠa

    post spot saved for images of farseer haurŠa

    post spot saved for ranger auran

    post spot saved for images of ranger auran

    ok sorry about all that saving but i do love things to be organised =.= its porbably OCD ><

    ok free to post
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