While we wait for the game to hit the streets I'd like to know what others think of the game.

I loved the Original SH...it was great fun for me and my mates to play on a rainy Sunday afternoon. I think we ended up with four or five sets for some rather large games.

I was pretty good with the Stealers but sucked with the Termies. I don't think I ever won using Termies but it was always a game I enjoyed nonetheless.

When 2nd Ed 40K rolled around I wanted to start a non-marine army and was surprised and delighted to be given a pile of Genestealers to start a Nid army. I guess my bias towards the Stealers had been fairly obvious.

The later supplements also provided Hybrids for my Genestealer cult army

SH also influenced my choice of a parent chapter for my 'Souleater' Space Marines. I might have chosen DA, UM or BA but all the cool BA stuff in SH (and the vampire schtick) I decided the Souleaters should be BA successors.

The funky new stealer and Termie models are fabulous in their own right but I'm also hoping that they point towards BA and Nid codexes in the near futures (as has been hinted at by others).

With the Sm from 2 AoBR sets that I ended up with and these guys I will almost certainly be re-doing my Souleaters...they've been out of the loop since 2nd Edition.

So, what are your thoughts in SH, the figures, your old gaming memories?