I have been interested to note that Space Hulk, has been very much hijacked into 40k. Indeed so much so that it seems everyone with SM armies is buying it for the LE miniatures and not as the standalone game it is (compare this with the view on somewhere like Boardgame geek).

From my viewpoint, I class Space Hulk, squarely as a boardgame. It has rules, a mapboard and uses pawns, to mark positions - ok these pawns are not meeples but nicely sculpted minis. However, what is more it is a sci game based on the 40k universe fluff, but is itself separate to 40k the tabletop game.

So I wondered from a sci game point of view and from peoples experience of 1st and 2nd ed, what people expect from the gameplay? How will it stand up to the modern designs. For one thing unlike AT43 there will be no expansions....

IMO it will be a return to the 1st edition box with rules from Deathwatch for the extra weaponry (please no separate psi rules, they always seems to be an afterthought that unbalances the game). That and the timer hints it will be as good as it ever was and can still be a highly regarded part of my collection.