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    Witch Hunters Army


    Im venturing into warhammer 40k after a long time in fantasy. (ive put the skaven sculpting project on ice for the moment but some progress has been made)
    I will play a Witch Hunters force with an Inquisitor Lord at the head of the army cuz i love the inquisition in warhammer 40.000 and i was super inspired by a blog by a dude called Migsula over at I was choosing between Witch Hunters and Orks cuz theres alot of conversion opportunities in both armies. But i ruled against Orks cuz there are fewer Ordo Hereticus players out there that i know of.

    I will play a radical force with the motto "purge fire with fire". The Inquisitor is radical because he employs almost everyone who is willing to fight for the emperor or for the inquisitor himself! So he has a few mutants he has gathered over the years of purging and hunting.

    Heres what ive done so far: A retinue for the Radical Witch Hunter Mordeci (c is pronounced as k).This is what ive managed to scrape togther with the bits in my bits box, I dont have the Inquisitor yet but i will pick him up tomorrow.

    The Retinue is still Work In Progress!


    Heres the first Chirugeon, he is based on a mini from the Battle for Macragge box. the gun is made from a bolt pistol and some spear bits and a tiny piece of steel wire for the needle edge.

    This Acolyte is based on the Mordheim Necromancer with some Empire Knight Middenheimers great hammer and the base of the staff is a lance from the regular knight sprue. the top, head and the collar is from the Empire Wizard Kit.

    The familiars head is from the old skeleton sprue while the bionic eye is from a laser sight that came in the Imperial Guard heavy weapons team. i made the power cables from florist wire.

    This sage/acolyte is composed of an old Chaos sorceror body and the head is from the Mordheim Necromancer and the hood is green stuff.

    This Crusader is a robot of some sort that my Inquisitor found in an ancient shrine or something. its made of chaos space marine parts and empire knight arms. the shield is made from a chaos vehicle thingy, while the sword is made from plasticard. Again, the powercable is made from Florist wire.

    Continue in next post.
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