After my expedition into space and blue-and-yellow chaosy dudes, I've gone back to my first love, the dwarfs.
With the new book out, and the dutch GT 6 months away, now's a good time to get started, right?
I've decided to go for a black (metal), dark red and gold (for all the jewelry, duh) colourscheme for my army. First up is a unit of the old longbeard models, as I recall a unit of them in one of those Golden Demon booklets that used to come with WD. Turns out to be the 2003 2nd place winner in the warhammer unit category (should IMO have won the gold; it was painted soooo much better than those chaos knights, but whatever), and it looks exactly like what I intend to do, only infinitely better, and with more purple and pink instead of the red I'm gunning for.

Now, I'm nowhere near that level of skill in painting, but I was wondering if anyone knows how this unit was painted, or a tutorial to it?