How do you feel about BA being the chapter of choice in SH?

I have read some comments from those wishing to convert to other chapters (esp Death Wing). There has even been a little anti-BA sentiment (why is this?)

I am glad that they did go with BA for three reasons:

1. Vanilla SM could have been a little 'dull' Certainly very close to the Termie sets we already have. Chapter specific iconography allows some nice personality and background.

2. They were in the orginal SH. Not like those Johnny-Come-Latelys the Death Wing.

3. My SM chapter in statis in the loft are of a BA successor chapter. These new models have made me seriously think about restarting SM. Which is wrong and sick, I know. But hey.

Until BA were confirmed I did have my suspicions that they might do DW Termies with the mixed iconorgraphy of the 'big five' chapters. Maybe FW has an opening there?

Anyway, what are your thoughts?