And the general impression from everyone around and involved was 'wow!'.

Fast, furious and deadly. Excellent models (except maybe the Broodlord who just looks like a slightly enlarged 'Stealer, rather than being something special) particularly the Terminators. The card sections are very thick, glossy and embossed - which had everyone stroking them and saying 'ooh'

There are lots of awesome rules that make combat incredibly deadly and overall the sense you get from playing is certainly one of claustrophobic, intense action as the blips close in. It's very cinematic, too, as a 'Stealer charging down the corridor, its every step being met by a new blast of sustained stormbolter fire, is a really tense, slow-motion moment. In short, Michael Bay would have cinematic orgasms if he made a movie based on Space Hulk...

After watching the first mission, where the Nids won, I got to control the Nids in the second mission, where each Terminator was controlled by a different player, which was certainly an experience. Both sides, however, are great fun to play. A little later on I stepped up to command the Emperor's finest and watched with triumph as my Sergeant gunned down a dozen 'Stealers before finally succumbing to the vicious, ripping claws.

It's made me want to buy it, certainly. Quite whether the Bank Manager and the girlfriend will agree is another matter entirely.