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    Power Armoured Marines

    Here's something that I quickly knocked together for using power armoured tactical squads in Space Hulk.
    It's been a while since I played but as soon as I get the new set I'll do a proper version and some missions once the Mission 13 PDF comes out.

    The way that it works is that a ten man tactical squad replaces a terminator squad on
    a one for one basis. So in missions where you have one terminator squad you
    use one tactical squad instead. In missions where there are two terminator squads you use two tactical squads instead.

    In a tactical squad you get one sergeant with either bolter and chainsword or bolt pistol and powerfist. One marine carries a special weapon which can be a plasma gun, flamer or melta gun. One marine carries a heavy bolter.

    Now to new players of space hulk they are going to seem a little under powered and weapons will translate slightly differently to their 40k counterparts but that's intentional. Terminators are used for a reason and their power armoured brothers never survived as well in the old rules.

    Like I say they are experimental at the moment so let me know what you think.

    Edit: Just noticed that I missed out the part where weapons on overwatch are limited to a range of twelve and Meltas are limited to eight.
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