Well actually it was here yesterday around 9am CST. Got home from work and was putting some stuff together for Crimson Skies when there was a Bell at the door. Got to the door to see the Fed-Ex van pulling out of my drive and a box on my stoop. What a heavy box. Check the label as I wasn't expecting anything, yet. Return label of Games Workshop and a weight of almost 10 lbs. The Hulk had landed at my door step. Ah the joy of fresh new plastic, and a week early to boot. Needless to say Crimson Skies went out the window as I whipped out the clippers and X-acto. Spent the rest the day cleaning and assembling the best damn looking Terminators I have seen. Can't wait to play. Any body else have in their possession this wonderous box of goodness? I have never before gotten a pre order before the release date. Usually the week after.