SO as the title states the REPENTORS are my space marine chapter. so far what i have is as follows

we were created from the remanents of a few marines from the traitor legions who stayed loyal to the Emperor. After around 500 years of penatence and observation by the newly formed inquisition we were alowed to become a chapter in secret like how the grey knights were formed.

We have ten companys. each is lead by a company master who weres the ornate armor of the companys founder ( each company was founded by one marine from each traitor legion except the first) the Company masters all have captains under them and are lead by the chapter master.

The current chapter master is Alasto Tor'chalice, called the avatar of the immortal Emperor. This is because he was the first to be inducted into the repentors chapter and even as a initiate he showed a uncanny ability to lead as well as fight in any situation. he recived his name after fighting off four greater Daemons at once, alone and with only his powersword. he was summoned to Terra because across severall systems astropaths had begun to call out his name. there he was allowed to gaze into the eyes of the emperor. o what happend in the throne room none speek of but when he left he bore the armor and weapons of the emperor himself.

The first company has 200 marine veterans. the other nine are comprimized in different and more unique ways. each company other then the first is responsible for recruiting new initiates. Every marine in the chapter is moved form each company after a certain amount of years, usually depends on how the marine learns and acts in that company. This has cause the marines of the repentors to learn to react and fight better even when placed in a squad of marines they have yet to bond with. this also has helped when the Repentors have fought alongside other chapters.

there major drawback is that there oculobe gene in some of the marines slowly becomes sensitive to light, and in some cases so sensitive the marines sees more on a ultraviolet level.
the other drawback is they will fight, even when all the odds pose against it, and they do this to prove not only there loyalty but also as a show of penatence for there lost brother who betrayed the emperor.

there armory consists of more varients of the landraider then any other chapter.

there home world is Anero, located in the Pleuric system, but most of the chapter is fleet based. all except the forth company are fleet based.

there history is filled with tails of selfless herois. some other chapters have such as the Dark Angels have called there actions suicide but to many other chapters its only a willingness to show unflinching loyalty to the imperium.

they have relation to chapters shuch as iron hands, monitors, blood angels, imperial fists and many others.
There have rivalries and are enemies to some chapters like the Dark angels and crimson fists.

well thats all i got. wonder what you all think. open to any opinion