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    Space Hulk 3E Tileset

    (this original post has been updated since the thread's earlier replies)

    TileSystem 3.0.6 and lastest Space Hulk tileset

    Everything is in a single download now. No more extra bits to install.

    - Download this file: (42 meg)

    - Create a folder somewhere and unzip it into the folder.

    - The program's name is "TileSystem.exe".

    - Be sure to turn on OpenGL support in the View menu. For a speed and fidelity boost. (assuming your video card can handle it. These days, it is pretty likely.)

    - There is a sample mission in the folder to play with named Sample.ts. From within the program, just do a File->Open and locate that file.

    Note that there are two styles of doors in the tileset. The sample shows both. One is a blue blobby rectangle like the kind you see in the mission book. The other style looks more like the actual door model. The hazard stripes are just to help you pick it out at a distance. The doors with X's through them are "jammed" a concept covered in one of the missions. There are also multiple styles of genestealer spawn points.

    In addition to the game's built-in bits, the tileset includes parts for Air Ducts:

    And tiles to cover the classic expansion bits.

    Included are the regular "spacehulk3e.set" and "spacehulk3e_2sets.set" tilesets. Plus "spacehulk3e_basic.set" and "spacehulk3e_2sets_basic.set" tilesets. Which don't include the airducts and expansion tiles. These "basic" tilesets are usefulf for people who just use the materials that came with the game. Also, they load faster than the originals, since they are smaller.

    There is a global flags button at the end of the toolbar. It will open a menu with the option to turn off "Glowing Jigsaw Edges". The jigsaw edges are useful for showing viewers which tiles are which. But some people find them too distracting. It will remember your choice between sessions.

    Background and Border tile categories are locked by default. Which makes it easier to select tiles without accidentally grabbing the background instead. You can unlock them if you plan to play with the background, of course.

    The Edit Scenario text button has been removed from the toolbar, since it wasn't a very good feature. But it is still in the program. You can find it under the edit menu, if you wish to use it.

    If anyone is writing some handmade tile entries and want to know how the new features work, I could write up some documentation. The help file is horribly outdated.

    You might note that there are token Space Marine, Genestealer and Scanner Blip tiles in the tileset.
    Perhaps, one day, there will be a full set of the tokens to work with.

    How to make and publish a Space Hulk mission map:

    - Design the map in Tilesystem.

    - Chose "Publish to JPEG" from the File menu.

    - Start a document in Microsoft Word, or any word processor.
    ( has a good, free word processor)

    - Insert the jpeg image into the document.

    - Write some mission description stuff. Make it pretty.

    - Keep refining the map and the document's description until you think it is ready to publish.

    - Convert it to a PDF file. The easiest way to do this is to install something like this:
    It creates a bogus printer that, if chosen, will generate a PDF file.

    - Generate the PDF and then upload it to someplace on the series of tubes.

    - Post links to it on Warseer.

    I have noted on my machine that the latest ATI drivers, running on video chips built into motherboards, cause TileSystem to run very slowly if you have more than a dozen different tiles on the screen. I have no idea why, but I will try to debug it. On regualr video cards, it seems to be fine.

    - CRasterImage
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