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Thread: Nedius' 3D Space Hulk / Anphelion Base

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    Nedius' 3D Space Hulk / Anphelion Base

    Hi there,

    A friend at my local GW asked me to start a project log here, so I figured I'd oblige. I'll start by saying this:

    More pictures of this and other projects can be seen at my website:

    Ok, so my board!

    The aim of my project is to create a multi-system, modular terrain board that is firstly a Space Hulk board, but is also suitable for games of 40k. The board must be representative of the individual Space Hulk board tiles, but also be stand alone terrain pieces. The tiles should be varied, and if possible interactive (both physically and game-wise). It should also be easy to store (I don't have a huge amount of storage space at home!). Finally, it should be robust yet light, thus, ideally, entirely plastic.

    I've been working on this for some time now. At the moment, my priority is to create the basic layout of Suicide Mission done. Once done, I'll decorate the scratch built walls and interiors, and then paint the board. Once this is done, I'll make roof sections for each section, allowing the board to become a sealed terrain set for games of 40k. The roof building will be mixed with building additional sections that will allow me to play other Space Hulk missions, and add greater variety to my 40k game layouts.

    Anyway, I'll add detailed info later as I'm pressed for time, but here's a taste!

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