Hi all,

I've only just noticed that this forum has popped up, and from taking a quick look it does (understandably) appear to regard the new 3rd ed. of Space Hulk.

However, I was wondering; has anyone here played the 2nd edition of this wonderful game?

If so, I was curious as to what tactics you guys found worked the best, memorable games that you played, and so on.

Personally, I play the space marines as my partner seems to love the 'Stealers. I've won comparatively few games compared to losses (those 950 dead could be chalked down to me alone!) but I still go back for more.

A memorable game for me was the 5th mission of the 1st campaign, where your space marines must create a diversion and try to escape off-board with at least half of their number (2 squads). I'd had the game in my cupboard, and I hadn't played it for around 2 years. Then, we decided to give it a shot one miserable Friday night, where my partner and I had vodka, energy drink and not much inclination to step out of the house. I remember the rules were relatively simple to pick up again, and Linz got the hang of the 'stealers pretty quickly too.

I managed to win the game (just!) and did pretty well until this one genestealer seemed to just come through everything I threw at it; it killed the two terminators who had created a cross fire near the termie's deployment zone, exposing the flank of the terminator who had been holed up in a room to the south, watching the eastern corridor that had three, maybe four spawning points at its end. The rest of my terminators were slowly filing their way part this guy and down the western corridor (bad dice rolls for command points received throughout the game until the last few turns - I guess the commander sending them on a suicide mission didn't give them much inspiration!), where to the north west were several other spawning points and a maze of twisty corridors that eventually lead to the exit in the south-west but also several areas where 'stealers can hide.

They all got through, and I moved the room termie into the corridor and left a flamer in his place, who each turn just moved one tile backwards out of the room, the whole time setting up a two-flame attack on the entrance to the corridor. 'Stealers hiding in the room in the south-west, just one straight corridor section from the extraction point did for my sergeant, meaning another termie had to jump in and overwatch the corridor while the rest of my guys bolted for the exit. My flamer terminator, who had been bringing up the rear and was now without support, was pulled down from behind, and the overwatch terminator (the last on the board) turned and ran for it, jammed bolter and actionless 'stealer snarling right in front of his face!

This mission was memorable for me, not only because I won for once, but because by the end of it we were both toally fired up; we'd laughed the whole way through it and I'm pretty sure this is the game that made us start playing it regularly.