For the second campaign I'm designing I'm working on Tau Pathfinders.
The most tempting thing to do with the Tau is to load up on battlesuits and storm in firing pulse weapons.
The main problem with this is that it's not really in character with Tau and their reasoning behind boarding a hulk and it's not really any different to marine style of play.

So with this in mind I'm designing two different Tau forces that use two different approachs to space hulks.
So in short a vessel appears on the edge of a Tau occupied system and the pathfinders are sent to investigate.

Given that Tau aren't really much good at close combat and have a slower perception of the world around them than most races they are not really going to last long against a massive hulk full of stealers.
With this in mind I have come up with the following ideas so far based on them investigating a much smaller hulk.

First off you have a regular pathfinder force of around six to twelve pathfinders supported by drones.
I've increased the APs for some actions to represent them being a little more awkward and to emphasise a reliance on command points. Although their fire power is conciderable it's short ranged and they are reliant on their drones which are faster and more agile.
Drones however can't complete objectives.
Close combat-wise they are rubbish, drones can't attack in close combat and the pathfinders aren't much better either.
I'm also going to introduce specialist drones like shield drones, etc, so that the Tau player must rely more on diverting the stealers whilst they achieve their goals rather than attack them head on.

For the second force I'm designing a steathsuit heavy force using both XV15 and XV25 battlesuits. This will be a much more conventional head on attack force but I'm turning the concept of blips on it's head. The idea will be that they will also use blip markers that I'll design so they can be printed off and will mean that the stealer won't know exactly where the stealth teams are untill they get a line of sight.
Each blip will either represent a Tau Stealth Suit or a Decoy Drone.

So the idea will be that you get two different styles of play with the Tau, one a tactical objective driven blocking game and the other a hunt and destroy game.

Here's the basics for the Pathfinders so far minus all the gizmos.