I have 15 of the old metal Grave Guard, and would very much like to use them; they don't look particularly outdated compared to the current range (An advantage of undead, I suppose).

The problem is, they have halberds and shields modelled on; now the halberds will have to simply become Great Weapons, as that's the only option for the unit now. I'm 99% certain they can't keep the shield at all if they upgrade to GW's, but there's a rather ugly point on each left arm where the plasic shield is attatched (about half of my models have shields glued on); would the shields staying on be a problem during a game? (I guess the issue would be 'WYSIWYG', and simply forgetting that they don't have shields and rolling the wrong saves.)

How viable are GW's tactically? ASL is the obvious downside, but I figured with the 2 spells available to counter this, it's worth taking them.