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Thread: Mission playtest request - Bunker Defense

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    Mission playtest request - Bunker Defense

    Hi there,

    I'm beginning to create my own fan made campaign, and want to start getting some opinions on the missions.

    This is the first mission. I'd love it if someone could play test it for me, and let me know if it is reasonably challenging for marines/stealers.

    Mission: Bunker Defense

    The forces of the Imperium are holding the line against a vast tyranid horde. One of the forward defense bunkers has fallen silent - the auto-sentries are no longer firing and the line is weakening. A squad of terminators is sent forward to clear the tyranids from the bunker and re-activate the automated defenses.


    Marines: The marines begin in the squares marked on the map. The squad consists of a sergeant with power sword and storm bolter, a terminator with flamer and powerfist, and three terminators with stormbolters and power fists. These can be deployed in any order.

    Genestealers: The genestealer player gets two staring blips; one in each of the topmost two rooms. These blips may be placed in any of the squares in the room. The genestealer player will then get 2 blips per turn as re-enforcements.

    Objectives: The Marine player must get a terminator model to the command console in the central room (see map). Once at the terminal, the marine player must spend 4APs, CPs or a mixture to re-activiate the automated defenses. Additionally, a marine may spend 1AP or CP and use the console to to seal any bulkhead. If the auto-defences are reactivated, the mission is a victory for the marine player.

    Extended Objectives: If you want an additional challenge, you may use these additional conditions. Once the automated defenses have been re-activated, the genestealer player recieves no more blips - the entry points are effectively sealed. The marines must now clear the bunker of all genestealers. If the marines fail to activate the defenses before all terminators are dead, the stealer player wins the mission. If the marines activate the defenses, but die before clearing the bunker, it is a minor victory for the marines. The defenses will hold, but only until the machinery in the bunker is torn appart by the genestealers. If the marines activate the defenses and clear all genestealers from the board,it is a major victory for the marines - the defense line will hold for many days!

    Special Rules

    Doors: The doors in the bunker are defensive bulkheads, designed to withstand the most punishing attacks. As such, doors in this mission cannot be destroyed. They may, however, be sealed as described above. Once sealed, they cannot be reopened, not even using the control panel.

    Entry points: Two entry points in this mission are via the centre square on the back wall of the top two rooms. These represent the firing holes for the automated defenses, through which the genestealers are entering the bunker. Genestealers/Blips may enter these squares as normal.

    Thanks to CRasterImage for his tileset!

    Insidentally, might it be a good idea to have a sticky 'missions' thread? One thread in which people can post missions for others to play? Or would a thread per mission be better, so each can be discussed as required?
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