I have come up with some basic rules for custom squad design for the space marines in space hulk. This is geared mostly towards playing bigger multiplay battles with more varied objectives and where certain marines wont be needed to actually complete the scenario.

The basic idea is that there is a squad limit of 5 men and 200pts. You may only have 1 hero and 4 terminator veterans. Everyone is assumed to be equipped with storm bolter and power fist as starting equipment, except the librarian who comes as per the rulebook and may not swap weapons. Everyone else can purchase new weapons from the weapons list.

Squad Members

20 marines
30 sergeant
40 librarian
40 captain (as rules per sergeant, +1 minute extra time limit)

Weapons List

weapons can only be equipped one per right arm and one per left arm, replacing the original weapons. No more than 2 marines may carry heavy weapons, and only hero's can carry the power weapon.

Right Arm

20 heavy flamer
50 assault cannon
10 thunder hammer

left arm

30 power weapon
20 storm shield
10 chain fist

both arms

10 lightning claws

this list is just a basic starting point at the moment. If i have missed any weapons off please let me know. I would also like to add wargear in the future once i have tried out the rules such as the energy shield generators and a player controlled C.A.T which uncovers blips.

any suggestions are more than welcome, but please note i dont want to at this time add new weapons into the game, or non terminator armoured marines. I want to leave the gameplay as is. I think i have worked it out so the starting squads in the mission book can be made under these rules.