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Thread: Things needed to restart 40K

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    Things needed to restart 40K

    I just had a quick question about 40K.

    I played for a bit back in the 4th edition but ended up stopping due to lack of support/lack of time to play/paint.

    I am considering playing Daemonhunters and I have a copy of the codex at this point.

    Things that I think I have:

    Dice, measuring tape, paint, primer, and the codex.

    I know that I need the new 40K rulebook.

    Would I be getting things that are essential in this pack: Warhammer 40,000 Gamers' Edition from the GW website?

    Any other things I should consider grabbing?

    I don't really quite understand what apocalypse is other than that the scale of the fights is larger so if I could get some insight on that it would be awesome.

    Also - Forgeworld items like psycannons for vehicles - can you field those in a typical game or do you need the Imperial Armoury books and permission from the other player to field those?

    Thank you for your time.

    Also the Land raider redeemer - can you field it in a daemonhunters army or not?
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