Hi guys after seeing some cool custom missions and maps posted on here I couldnt help but think it would be good if we had some more organisation for them.

I have used computer game mods and custom maps for some time now and lots of them are laid out it order of rating, this way you can download stuff that have been rated highly by the masses.

Now im sure eveyone has seen the 3E Tileset mapper (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=217976) and I can gaurentee that there are a few people out there that have truely original ideas for missions. There is also a thread rating system already built into this forum. So why not combine them and prolong the use of this awesome game by producing almost limitless missions and share them with the world!

Maybe if we can get enough support and enough people making maps we might be able to get a pure Maps subsection on this forum.