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Thread: New Player Needs Some Advice =D

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    New Player Needs Some Advice =D

    Hey everyone =)

    Just getting into the game, insofar as having a look through the different armies avaliable and what I like the look of =P
    However, I've narrowed it down to a few choices, and I've got some questions I hope you can help with =)

    Running down the list of armies -

    Empire - Looking through the book at the store, nothing really jumped out at me. Plus I've never been a fan of playing a human in a Fantasy setting, perhaps that's just me =)
    Brentonia - See above.
    Skaven - I hate rats =(
    Ogres - I've never personally been a fan of "smash smash things" - So it didn't really appeal to me.
    High Elves - While I like Elves, the High Elves just seemed too "prissy" for me, which is saying something!
    Dark Elves - Definately liked the look of these guys, I definately think that I could have fun painting and playing them.
    Wood Elves - As above, almost into the realms of the High Elves, but they've got that 'down to Earth' feel about them - Without extending into being a Hippy =(
    Daemons of Chaos - I hate horror films with Aliens and Daemons, don't think I'd like playing them =(
    Warriors of Chaos - See above mentioned 'Human complex' - even though they're 'bad' humans, still doesn't appeal to me.
    Beasts of Chaos - See above, Daemons of Chaos.
    Dwarves - I was never a fan of Snow White =(
    Orcs and Goblins - See Ogres.
    Tomb Kings - Since there's two undead armies, I had to make the decision which one I liked the look of more. Tomb Kings lost out. Sorry guys =(
    Vampire Counts - Who doesn't like Vampires!
    Lizardmen - The look of the guys don't appeal to me =(

    So in a nutshell, I whittled it down to - Dark Elves, Wood Elves or Vampire Counts.

    So here's where I need your assistance.
    I'm going to be building up an army slowly, so I can get a feel for the troops, how they play, and well, the game in general ^_^
    What I'd like to know is, how these armies play, what would I be looking at if I chose them. I like the look of all three, and can see myself enjoying playing and painting them, so it comes down to how it works =)

    Once I've got some Ideas and have chosen, I'll be building up an army in the army list forum and blogging the army as it grows in case anyone was curious =)

    Thanks heaps in advance, and feel free to ask any questions =)

    - Noir
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