Helloooooo thar, Warseer. Seeing as I'm in work covering for the receptionist's lunchbreak (and the phones are dead!) I figured I'd make a wee postie here to ask a few questions.

1 - Bretonnia: Are there lots of builds for this army? Do you need a lot of models? How are they, price-wise? How're the Lords/Heroes, in the sense of Supporty or do they dominate on their own? (Or are they a one trick pony? )

2 - Beastmen: I played my first game with these guys last night (500pts)... And, due to bad dicerolls mostly, got obliterated. The thing that seemed to suck the most was the fact that Herds dont get Armour saves without a shield... Should I have been taking shields? Coz my Gors/Ungors got cut down like nobody's business.

3 - Lizardmen: How common are these guys? I know it varies, but are too many people playing them now since the newer army book?

4 - Tomb Kings: On Kings/Princes and Priests, is it wise to sink a lot of points into these Lords/Heroes? Or should they only be used because they're mandatory?

5 - Dogs of War: How do these guys work? I know literally nothing about them yet the people who play them are adamant about their awesomeness. Do they have a specific speciality (Close Combat/Shooting/Magic?)

6 - General: What's the best army for Hero-Hammering? I like a big, characterful Hero that I can smash stuff with.

I'd love to hear peoples opinions on these.