I wonder if brother Valencio is mislabeled.

In the fluff part in the back of the mission book and in the missions stories Valencio is clearly part of squad Lorenzo.

But the gameplay squad Lorenzo doesn’t include the marine with a chainfist, that model is listed as part of squad Gideon.

The character fluff section also shows each marines heraldry and that does matches the chainfists model. This makes me wonder if they mixed up Valencio’s heraldry.

So going with this train of thought, who is Valencio mixed up with?
Well from squad Gideon, Gideon himself and Leon are definitely the correct model. I also think that Omnio is correct as checking his scanner fits his fluff.

So this leaves us with either Noctis or Scipio. Im more inclided to think that scipio and Valencio could be mixed, the big “iron halo” on the chain fist model could indicate that he is a potential sergeant. And I always found scipio’s pose really odd, did he drop a penny?

I wanted to paint the guys from the 2 squads with small differences (for example black vs red stormbolter casings) but this has me confused.

I wonder what you guys think about this.