So a few weeks back I went against a IG player. We started off by setting up our forces for a 750 point game. I usually take peoples word that they have the maximum points or just a bit over, but I never checked. He had 2 Leman Russ, 40 or so Guardsmen with grenade launchers and such, 3 mortar teams, and a command squad. I on the other hand had 30 Blood Claws and 1 Rune Priest, which never amounted to 750 points. It wasn't that it was an unequal game in terms of points that set me off but he was going from one squad to another shooting and then saying that he never fired from the first squad. He would also stop midway through shooting phase and talk to people and then we would debate what he fired and what he didn't. All in all I lost but not in a bad temper I congratulated him, shook hands, and we parted. To you do you think this would be called a fair game or even a game at that?

It was my first Wahammer 40k battle and I just wanted to know if I was being taken advantage of because of my noobness.

Thanks for reading,