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    Air Ducts 3rd Edition

    (This post has changed since the start of the thread. So some of the earlier replies will not make much sense.)

    Air Ducts 3rd Edition

    There are two styles.
    One is rusty and moldy looking.
    The other is blueish and similar to the orginal air ducts released for the 2nd edition of Space Hulk.

    Here is the TileSystem add on: (it has both styles in it)

    Unzip it into the TileSystem folder. It will say that you already have a SpaceHulk3E folder, but that is ok. Just say yes. It won't overwrite anything. It will just add some new files.

    Then, in the TileSystem folder, open the "SpaceHulk3E.set" file using notepad.

    Near the top, there is a section that says basetilesets. Add the airducts.set to the list of included sets like this:


    (added part in red)

    Do the same to the "SpaceHulk3E_2sets.set" file, if you use that too.

    I wish there was a more elegant and automated way to add new stuff, but... we got what we got.

    To create the airducts, download one of these pdf files and print it out:

    Then cut out the bits. You can use them on just paper, if you want. But they might blow away when someone's sleeve passes nearby. It would be better to glue them to cardboard or something heavier than paper.

    If you print out a second copy of the 2 page pdf, then you should update (double) the tile count values in AirDucts.set.

    Also, if someone could verify that the squares are all 3 centimeters, I would appreciate it.

    The set includes some turns and intersection tiles that the 2nd edition Space Hulk did not. None of the old 2nd Ed. missions will need them. I included them just in case someone wanted to get creative in their new map designs.

    Be careful about adding too many air duct paths in your map. They give the Genestealer some tactical options, but you don't want to make the situation hopeless for the Marines. (Hopeless being defined as a situation where the Genestealers can move anywhere they want on the map with little or no exposure to the Marine's overwatch fire.)
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