There's a thread in GW general that touched on this subject, but it caught fire. My intentions are rather different, so keep it civil, please.

We've all heard of companies deliberately marketing their products through word of mouth, particularly in an anonymous way over the internet. Personally I doubt GW has the nous to pull off something like this, but I've often thought that others might try it here.

The random musings board in particular is commonly a home to threads about new movies, games and books. Portent hosts a large number of members whose genre enthusiasms and spending habits would be of great interest to marketers. I know we get the occasional obvious spambot, but has anyone ever spotted anything here that they suspected was a paid-for opinion or review? If Portent isn't big enough to attract this kind of thing, has anyone come across it elsewhere?

Will any Portent member admit to being paid (or otherwise rewarded) to spread good word-of-mouth on some product in the past?

Just curious.