Just recently picked up a copy of Space hulk and it looks awesome, nice figures and board pieces. I played about a dozen games with a group who are a mix of people who played previous editions and those that haven't and have an observation/question:

All the missions that I played (either using the 'stealers or marines) seemed to be really easy for the marines. There are too many long corridors where the marines can set overwatch and stuff the 'stealers. I literally had every single 'stealer model in the box on the board for mission 2, only attacking from two directions and not a single one made combat. What the hell? A couple of the veteran players suggested keeping the boards and missions the same but introducing air-ducts (again apparently) to join certain sections of the board allowing the 'stealers to bypass some of these death traps. Is this the solution to the marines easy run?

That is my only real complaint about the game to be honest, aside from the easiness of some of the missions it seems quite cool. The veteran players said that the previous editions were much closer fought games and the only conceivable difference is the presence of the air-ducts. We have swapped sides constantly and even made a point of putting the best Space Hulk players on one team and the newer players on the other. The newer players set a couple overwatches and that was end game for the 'stealers.