70 points left to spend. Not really sure what, but take a look and let me know what you think.

1x Sorcerer Lord - 400
-lvl4, Tzeentch, disc, Golden Eye, Infernal Puppet, Blood of Tzeentch

1x Sorcerer - 190 (joins any infantry)
-lvl2, Tzeentch, Dispell Scroll x2

1x Hero - 245 (joins knights)
-Tzeentch, Daemon Steed, Shield, Runesword, Bloodcurtling Roar

20x Chaos Warriors - 390
-Command, Shields, Raptuous Standard, Tzeentch

20x Marauders - 160
-Command, Light Armor, Flails, Tzeentch

5x Knights - 310
-Command, Tzeentch, Blasted Standard

1x Warshrine - 150

1x Giant - 245

5x Warhounds - 45

5x Warhounds - 45