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Thread: Creating missions based on Aliens

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    Creating missions based on Aliens

    1. Defending a room from genestealers pouring in-mission: hold onto location for certain number of turns.

    2. Investigating downstairs for missing colonists but not being able to use any heavies-mission: escape to the above exit with certain no. of terminators.

    3. Placing remote control in certain room-mission don't lose remote control and place it in room for one turn.

    4. Rescuing terminator-mission: spend turn breaking terminator free, then escape.

    5. Escaping from ship before it detonates.

    6. Destroy eggs laid by broodlord and dodge the drones-mission:destroy certain no. of eggs.After destroying-say 3-the broodlord attacks.

    7. Traitor amongst ranks-mission:hunt genestealers. Roll dice for each terminator. Highest roll is a traitor. Genestealer team operate him. Marines must halt him from escaping.

    8. Collect data from a science lab and escape-mission: stay in room for 2 turns then escape.
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