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Thread: Jigsaw Edges for mapmaking

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    Jigsaw Edges for mapmaking

    (this root post has changed since the earlier replies. Which means they may not make sense.)

    Jigsaw Glowing Edge Tiles = Released

    Some people were thrown a bit by Mission 6 since the mission book artist didn't put a clear jigsaw edge between two tiles.

    It bothered me that Tilesystem had very vague hints at tile edges at all.

    A couple of people want 'em. I want 'em. So, I did 'em. I thought it would take most of tomorrow to do them all, but it only took an hour or so. Including hellheart's alternate Genestealer and Terminator spawn end-caps.

    Here is a distant view of a map with it:

    This is what it looks like zoomed in at 50%

    If you wan't glowing jigsaw edges, like in the screenshots, download this file: (20 meg)

    - Unzip it directly into your \tilesystem\SpaceHulk3E\ folder.

    - It will overwrite a couple dozen files. (maybe back them up beforehand. In case you change your mind and want to put the old ones back)

    - Fire up Tilesystem and load one of your maps. You should see glowing jigsaw edges between the map tiles.

    When two tiles with jigsaw edges meet, only one draws. That is the edge that draws last. The order in which they draw depends on the order you created them. But it also changes when you simply select them. It doesn't really matter which edge is glowing, but you can tweak it if you want to. Just selecting a tile will cause it to sort to the top.

    I also included a file called foobar.png. It is just the glowing edge by itself. If you have any homegrown tiles that you want to give a glowing edge, then this file is for you. Look at the other tiles to see how it works.
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