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Thread: The Beaver Log, A Space Beavers Painting Log

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    The Beaver Log, A Space Beavers Painting Log

    So, My new Space Marine army is a Chapter founded in the 35th millenium.
    They are the Space Beavers
    Hailing from the planet Leavit 2, and having spent extensive time training with the Space Wolves, they modeled themselves after that most famous of chapters.
    Color scheme


    Brown Hunters instead of Grey hunters
    Big Teeth instead of LongFangs
    Flat Tails instead of BloodClaws
    Beaver Guard
    Beaver Lord
    Lone Beaver :cries:
    Lodge Priests (wolf priest)
    Totem Priest (rune priest)
    Thunder Beaver Cavalry
    etc etc
    No FrostBlades, I will have Beaver Cleavers.
    Beaver claws
    Beaver Tail Talismans, etc

    I still need a means of mass producing the icon for the shoulder pads.
    I was looking for an easy way to make it a relief. Any ideas?

    Painted model pics should start rolling in next week
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    Fear the Space Beavers.
    The Beavers Painting Log

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