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Thread: Black Dragon is built, here's what I have for support.

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    Black Dragon is built, here's what I have for support.

    My Carnosaur/Black Dragon conversion is done. Since I have him I'm going to use him, but I'm trying to find a nice balanced way to field his army.

    I've imposed a few restrictions on myself to keep the powerlevel down. Please try to keep this in mind as you critique the list. I'm not going to take a Hydra. 1 fast, hugely destructive, nearly invincible Terror causer is enough for 2250. I also generally avoid ASF Black Guard. Not for any real tangible reason, I'm just really not inspired by them the way other people seem to be.

    So here it is.

    Lord of the Black Wyrm. (2250)

    Armour of Darkness, Pendant, Crimson Death.
    Black Dragon. (545)

    Death Hag;
    Battle Standard, Standard of Hag Graef.
    Cauldron of Blood. (260)

    2 Dispel Scrolls. (150)


    2 x 10 RxBs. (100 ea.)
    2 x 5 Dark Riders w/ musicians. (92 ea.) Fixed
    20 Warriors w/ shields, full command and the Warbanner. (180)


    14 Executioners. (168)
    6 Cold One Knights w/ full command, Standard of Slaughter and the Ring of Hotek. (262.)


    RBT. (100)
    RBT. (100)
    RBT. (100)

    Infantry and RxBs hold back defensively or advance conservatively while RBTs deal out long range damage, most likely on the refused flank. Dragon and CoKs advance aggressively on a weighted flank opposite the RBT base. Executioners provide a Stubborn anchor against anything that can get through my shooting, and will protect my flank after the RBTs have been dealt with.

    I generally avoided the choices I did because I wanted to ensure there was some element of tactical challenge in the list. So again, no Hydra and ASF BG. I'm also feeling generous with the infantry and CoB BSB, since both represent good targets for the enemy to score heaps of VPs, since the Dragon can be such a huge Points Denial.

    BUT, I don't consider this list soft in any way. If all the elements work this list should really devastate. I play in a very competitive environment so I'm not eager to give points away. I actually think these units will be something of a red herring, and if I play distances well and can ensure the charge, everything in the list will be effective offensively when needed to.

    I think this is really a list about providing a lot of threats, with juicy but very inaccessible targets.

    What do you think?
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