So here I am, about to embark on my novel (lets pretend I'll actually get writing done.) So I need to work out the basics, and I think I may as well put up my ideas for Characters here.

I'm going for a different perspective of the 5 man band (plus sixth ranger) trope by focusing on the perspectives of all the characters and their interactions (a bit too in depth for shoot em up Warhammer 40k pulp.) So here we go:

The Hero:

Apostolos: I hope your all upset that I'm putting an ultramarine in it. Apostolos is the taciturn bearded veteran sergeant of the second company. Is he limited by his codex? No, because when I present the Codex it will be an example of biblical devotion to the art of war. It will be philosophical in nature at times. I'll present it in verses quoted by Apostolos as the battle occurs. A proverb for every scenario, he'll be constantly impressing his values and ideas on the other characters despite their various beliefs.

"Guilleman I: 10

By method and discipline are to be understood the marshaling of the chapter in its proper subdivisions, the graduations of rank among the officers, the maintenance of the fleet, by which supplies may reach the chapter, and the control of military expenditure."

(I'm totally ripping off Sun Tzu but its for the good of the book)

Apostolos is going to be a bit arrogant and have a sort of Achilles style of leadership (get offended, b**** out, then save the day because he's a demi god.) He's going to be a bit inhuman in his attitudes and talk down to people who he sees as lesser beings (he'll protect them but he talks like he's literally a descendant of the Emperor.) The other characters accept it because its inferred most marines look at themselves as tragic heroes. The average Imperial citizen humors this idea because its what they were taught. (Marines can't be humble heroes, just look at them, they're giant bejeweled super heroes, they're not going to be shy.)

I'm also going to get in detail about the role of the power armor and give it some part in his descriptions. He's not just a super warrior, he's got magic armor that does stuff for him like process his urine into water and overlay targeting icons on his vision. He's going to be for all intents and purposes a man shaped Bradley fighting vehicle in regard to the strength of his bolter and his armor. Pretty much he can one shot any man sized enemy. He's also got several hip mounted ammo boxes that he has belt fed to his bolter. Each crate has two hundred bolt rounds in it and he has 5 of them in a deployment. So he could theoretically kill 1000 POWs in a day with his bolter... Realistically he can kill about 50 enemy combatants in a day using his gun, or more depending on the shortness of the range he's shooting at. He also has a power sword but he rarely draws it (W00t Realism) and about a dozen krak grenades of standard kit.

Lancer (SOB) coming soon.